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Tuesday, 03 May 2011 01:12

Finding your match online is becoming very popular nowadays and that is why there are hundreds of various matching dating services. Some of those matching services are better than others and therefore choosing the wrong one might significantly decrease your chances in finding a girlfriend. So what is match dating services? They are the dating websites which require each user to fill out a physiological test and based on the results of a test you are matched with a girl who has similar personality to yours. Those dating websites significantly increase your chances in meeting a true love, because they give you a list of girls which are interested in personality you have.

As I said before, choosing the right match dating service is extremely important and to help you I will talk about two main types of matching dating websites. The first one is free match dating websites and the only advantage of this type is that you don’t have to spend any money to meet girls. However the main problem I encountered with free match dating services is that you are getting matches with people who are not interested in dating anyone and therefore you get very few dates if any. I know many girls who use dating websites just because they are bored and since this type of match dating services is free, it has many members who are not serious about dating.

The second type of match dating services are the websites which charge you some fee to keep people who are scammers and are not serious about dating away. Obviously when you are paying for dating services you are getting  more accurate matches and many girls on paying websites are very good looking. The fee you have to pay varies from one match dating service to another and depends on many factors like number of active members website has and some website even have a guarantee that if you don’t meet your girlfriend then they will return you all your money. Three of the matching services which worked very well for me are: 

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Here are three sample dating messages to get you started if you decide to join dating website:

"Hey I was scrolling through the list and found your profile and thought to myself how intriguing you were. So I have been delayed in writing this message by at least 5 minutes as I had to sit and ponder about a word to describe you ;) Radiant is perhaps a word that would suit you... Captivating...... Gorgeous would be an understatement.... But if you were to take all of these words and put them together all you would be left with is intoxicating... and that is why I would like to get to know you...."

"Hello I will come at you real...You one sweet looking woman but I am not going to spit game and instead I will show you what is real... You are cute and all but I know that there is more to your looks which I want to know... I would love get to know you and see what your plans in life... Hit me up by the way my name is NAME"

"Hey NAME! You seem like you’re a fun girl to hang around with... Hope I'm right!! I just recently got on here to meet sum new people to hang out with, so message me back if you want."

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