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Sunday, 08 May 2011 01:33

If you just had break up with your girlfriend, but you are still madly in love with her, then you would be happy to know that any break up can be fixed and you if got dumped it doesn’t mean that everything is over. I mean would you let your girlfriend have fun with some other guy while you are sitting all alone trying to understand why it all happened. Do you remember her smiley face in the morning after your steamy night? Do you remember the first time you kissed and how she whispered something in your ear while sitting on your lap? Do you remember the first time you spent you night together and how she hesitated whether to sleep with you or not? And now you are going to let this girl run away?

I don’t think so. Even if she said that she never wants to see you again, you can still get your girlfriend back. So how can you get you girlfriend back as fast as possible? The first step in getting you girlfriend back is to relax for a couple of days and give her some space. To relax you can try doing the things you like such watching movies or playing sports. Also a good way to forget about you girlfriend for a while is to take trip somewhere for a couple of days. Changing the environment will help you relax and forget about the break up. After you relaxed and you are not so emotional anymore it is time to get your girlfriend back.

The next step is to call her and ask if she would meet you to discuss a break up. If she is still in love with you then she will agree and you can meet together to make her your girlfriend again. For this meeting take her to the place, where you first met and to increase your chances in getting her back you may want to consider wearing the same clothes when you first met.  This will remind your girlfriend how madly in love she was with you when you first met and she will probably reconsider the break up.

If she declines the meeting then the problem is worse, but you can still get her back if you spend some time. If you think that your girlfriend seriously hates you and doesn’t want you back then you have to use indirect approach by making her jealous. Jealousy is extremely strong emotion, much stronger than her hate of you. To make her jealous first of all try to hook up with one of her friends and if you can’t, just start hanging around some extremely gorgeous girl. When she sees you with a girl hotter than her, she will become jealous and the only way she would be able to get this feeling out of her is by becoming your girlfriend again. Sometimes you will need to use more than one method to get your girlfriend back, because every break up is different. If you are very serious about getting you girlfriend back, you might want to read The Magic of Making Up.
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