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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 04:45

I will show you a couple of tricks that will almost guarantee that you will get a date in a week or two. However I have to warn you that getting a date and actually getting a girlfriend are two completely different things. Anyways to get a date with a girl, first of all you obviously need to meet one.  You probably already heard about places like bars, clubs, libraries where you can meet women, but I will be honest with you, if you are not very good with women, it is very unlikely that you will get a date at those places.  Fortunately there are some other places where women go specifically to meet guys to go on a date and maybe even get into relationship with. What I am talking about are online dating websites and yes you can get dates from online dating websites even if you are extremely bad with women.

The first step to get a date in less than a couple of weeks is to join a good dating website.. After you joined the site you will need to create a nice dating profile. After that it is time to search for pretty girls in your area and see if there are some you might like. After that you will need to message them and try to chat them up and if you are successful most of them will agree to go on a date with you. However to make sure everything goes smooth there are two factors you need to take care of: actually read what girls write in their profiles and write messages that directly relate to girl’s hobbies or interests. If you have trouble writing messages here is big list of free sample dating messages.

Right now I will share with you some more tricks to increase the number of emails you get from girls. First of all contact as many girls as possible, but do make sure that you send unique messages to each of them or otherwise you will just meet shallow girls who will go on a date with pretty much everyone. My other advice for you is when you are talking to girls steer away from topics such as partying, drinking and all other teen’s stuff. Most girls do like partying, but on a dating websites they are looking for someone mature. Instead talk about you passions, ambitions and just try to sound exiting and different from all other guys who are only looking for “one thing”.  If you follow all my tips, I can guarantee that you will have no problems getting dates.

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