How to succeed in online dating? Print
Sunday, 29 January 2012 20:35
If you are like most guys, then you probably already tried online dating but you didn’t have much success or even if you had, you know that you can definitely improve something. Online dating does work, but only for a few lucky guys who know what they are doing. Unfortunately other guys are left with no girls or they are forced to date any girl who agrees to go on a date with them. The number one step that you need to take to succeed in online dating – is to create a great dating profile.

I am not talking about uploading a great photos and writing basic information about you, because that is a MUST. What you need to do to succeed in online dating is to create a profile that will make girls imagine how great it would be to meet you. You also should be able to stand out among other guys both in your profile and your messages because most girls receive dozens of messages per day, but luckily most of them are lame and they never get a reply. What I am saying is that there is some competition in online dating, but it is not that strong and you can easily get ahead of it by creating a profile that will make girls stop and think twice about deleting your message and not sending you a reply.

Alright let’s talk about how to create a profile that will instantly grab women’s attention. First of all you need to sound like a guy who knows what he wants in his life and you also need to imply that you have access to many girls but you are looking for one that will be both physically and morally beautiful. Also avoid putting many details about yourself and let the girl’s imagination fill those blank spots. Most men’s profile on online dating websites can be divided into two types: guys who don’t post any valuable info about themselves and the other ones are the guys who post their entire life story in their profile. Unfortunately both of those ways to create a dating profile will not work and what you need to do is to create a balanced profile that will help to create a rapport but it shouldn’t list every small detail about you especially if it is going to portray you in a negative way. While writing your profile use short sentences when talking about your work, school and other boring topics, but use long ones when you are trying to make a girl feel emotionally exited.

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