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Sunday, 24 June 2012 20:38

To meet single girls and women in Mumbai, first of all you need to know where most single girls hangout. The easiest places to meet single girls are bars and club because most of the girls there are easy and are not playing head games. If you are looking to meet a girlfriend in Mumbai for a long term relationship, then you may want to look in places such as schools or colleges if you are still in your teens or early twenties.

Here the list of best places to meet single girls and women in Mumbai:

Mumbai Bars – most Mumbai girls who go here are either looking to relax with their girlfriends or to meet guys, so you will get rejections even if you try your best because some of those girls might be in a relationship. However it is acceptable to approach girls in bars so it is definitely not a bad place to start. To avoid rejections remember to look if the girl you want to approach has a marriage ring.

Mumbai Clubs – as I already said, clubs are the best places to meet girls in Mumbai, because most of the girls who go there actually want to meet guys, however most of those girls are not serious and will dump you as soon as some other hotter dude comes around.

Mumbai Malls – good places to meet Mumbai girls, but you need to make sure that the girl doesn’t recognize that you are hitting on her until she is comfortable talking to you.

Mumbai Gyms- gyms have large number of hot Mumbai girls who take good care of their bodies, but the same as in malls, you shouldn’t directly ask for girl’s number or asking them on a date without establishing some common ground.

In most cases after meeting Mumbai girl, you will get a phone number, however don’t be surprised if the number you got is wrong or the girl doesn’t pickup because some Mumbai women will only give their number to look nice in front of other people. In any case call a girl the next day and see what she is up to, tell her that you really enjoyed talking to her and that you should meet sometime again. Texting a girl instead of calling might work for some girls, but it is much better idea to call her because this will tell her that you are confident.

Dating sites are also good places to meet single Mumbai girls and women and it is always a good idea to start with big dating websites such Oasis or Match, though Match will charge you for their services.

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