Older men dating younger women Print
Tuesday, 01 February 2011 07:16


It is very common nowadays for younger women to date older men. If the age gap is not very large there is nothing wrong with it. For example I know many couples who are happily married with 10 or even 20 years age gap. The question is what can attract two people with such a big age gap together? There are thousands reasons for that and in this article we will talk about some of them. First of all let’s start with older men and talk about how they get attracted to younger women.  There is no magic in this part, since most guys are visuals and they like what they see. As we all know there is nothing more attractive than women in their twenties and thirties. Another reason why older men are dating younger women is more complicated. When in their forties most men have a very passive life and they want someone full of energy to make their life more exiting. Younger women are usually full of joy and excitements and that is what attracts older men. Third reason believe me or not is that older men miss the time when they spend nights parting and having fun and younger women bring those memories back.


But what attract younger women to older men? First of all most women want stability especially after they finished their college and that it is why they are attracted to older men who have a stable life, work and friends. Many younger women are gold diggers and they want to date someone who will pay for everything. It is sad but it is truth many women date men only because of material aspects and that is why so much cheating is going on around. Third reason is that some younger women do truly fall in love with older men because they are wise, have life experience and most of the older men don’t play mind games anymore.

There is nothing wrong in dating someone older than you are but keep in mind that this age gap shouldn’t be very large, otherwise sooner or later your relationship will break up.  And remember if you and you girlfriend love each other don’t pay much attention to other people who say that it is wrong to date younger women because in most cases they are just jealous.


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