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Tuesday, 08 February 2011 07:23
If you are teenager tired of being single then here are some tips which will improve your dating life significantly. However before I start listing the tips let me tell you something that is even more important than all the tips I am going to talk about. Many teenagers are very affected by peer pressure and that is what might really slowing down your process of getting girlfriend. Let me explain it in more details for you. Most of your friends want you to be similar to them; wear the same clothing, have the same hobbies (and some of them are not that healthy anyways) and of course interact in the same way they do with other people. So how you will ever stand up from that crowd? If you are easily affected by peer pressure than you are just blending yourself with all other single guys and the only way to find a girlfriend in this situation is by chance.

Take care of your appearance. That means taking showers, washing your face, cleaning teeth and so on. Additionally to basic hygiene you should go to the gym at least two times week to build some muscles, because whatever anyone is saying, all girls love well build guys.  To make your appearance even more attractive go and buy some good clothes like Guess or even American Eagle. You don’t have to spend lots of money on clothing but you should have a pair of nice jeans and a couple of shirts for whenever you go out to meet girls or to the party. Also don’t forget to buy nice shoes, since most girls judge guys by shoes.

Go out to meet girls. If you are old enough go to the bar or club and just have fun and approach a couple of girls and just start completely random conversation and if you see that girls are slightly attracted to you just move you topic to a more intimate content. Otherwise go to malls, coffee shops, local colleges or wherever there are lots of girls and just start talking to them. Most guys are single mostly because they never talk to girls or if they do they only talk about boring things like school or work. Just talk about something exciting like traveling, your hobbies or even some more intimate stuff and girls will love you.

There is nothing magical about girls and all you have to do to get one is to be confident, original and funny.

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