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Wednesday, 09 February 2011 06:33
There are many guys who dream about dating tall woman, however many of them feel very insecure about asking them out or even hanging around with girl who is taller than them. There are many misconceptions about women and especially about tall women. Most guys think that girls will only date you if you are taller than them however it is not really a case. The problem is that our society has some “rules” and one of those rules is that short guy can’t date tall woman, but here is the question, “What this rule is based on?” Sure maybe two thousand years ago it was necessarily for a woman to marry a taller man to survive. However in our days we are not faced by real danger every day so this rule is not really applicable to us anymore. So there is nothing wrong with dating tall woman.

Many tall girls are very insecure and this is especially the case if the girl is too tall, like for example more than 6 feet. So you might use those insecurities to get a tall woman. What is more important in dating tall women is too show them that you are a real man and that you are really confident with your height. If you are quite short just act tough around those women and they will notice you. Most guys are not able to get a tall girlfriend because they never talk to tall women for one reason or another, so when you see the tall girl next time, you might want to complement on how tall she is and tell her that you love tall women and ask if maybe you could get together sometime. Act like you are very interested in her and tell her how you are tired of dating all those small chicks and you want to date a real women. She will appreciate your complements since very few of the guys shorter than she probably told her this stuff.   It will also show that you are very confident and it will make girl interested in you. In her head she will start to ask herself why this shorter guy is asking me out, there is must be something more to him than his looks.

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