How to find a Japanese girlfriend online Print
Wednesday, 20 April 2011 20:26
Finding Japanese girlfriend online is not different from finding any other girlfriend online; however there are some shortcuts to save you time and money. First of all you need to join some kind of dating website because if you decide to use Facebook you may end up feeling very disappointed since most girls are using Facebook just to connect with people they already know. The best and the fastest way to find Japanese girlfriend online is to join a big dating website.

After you joined the dating website I mentioned, it is time to create an attractive profile. To do so you need to upload several good photos of yourself and you also need to write a nice paragraph describing who you are and what kind of girl you are looking for. Believe me if you mention that you are looking only for a Japanese girl you will get many more emails from girls than if you say that you will settle for any kind of girl. Girls like guys who are selective, because in their minds they get an impression that you the prize and they will do everything to get you.

Another important step in getting Japanese girlfriend from a dating website is to send out emails to the girls you are interested in.  Make those emails three to five sentences long and try to convey in those emails that you are “the one” she was always looking for. To so you need to carefully analyze girl’s profile and try to find qualities she likes and insert them in your email. Also try to sound original, slightly cocky and at the same time make her feel that you are down to earth kind of guy. You might want to email two or three girls at once because some girls will not reply to you and therefore you shouldn’t waste your time waiting for the replies. Many guys become very disappointed when they don’t get a reply and they start to feel that they are not worth anything, their self esteem falls and they end up not getting any girlfriends. The interesting part is that if a girl doesn’t reply, then that is something to do with her. For example she might be sick, maybe she already found someone or maybe she just thinks that you are to cool for her.  Just be willing to spend some time and you will find the most beautiful and kind Japanese girl you ever imagined.

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