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Thursday, 21 April 2011 16:55
Many people including myself are wondering why online dating agencies are becoming so mainstream. I mean we left the ages were it was unacceptable to talk to strangers on a street. So what is keeping us from meeting people outside and forces as to use online dating agencies for getting dates? The answer is quite obvious, we a trapped into technological world. If you go on a crowded street and look around you will see that almost everybody is either has their earphones on, talks on a phone or plays PSP. Therefore it is almost impossible to meet people for dating on a street. There is nothing wrong with that because we are busy people and that is why online dating agencies were created. The main role of those agencies is to help people who are extremely busy and don’t have much time to go out and meet women. Also those dating agencies are used by people who don’t meet any women at all because of the work they do or place they work.

There are thousands of online dating agencies and it is not that easy to find a perfect one without trying a couple.

Match online dating agency charges a small subscription fee to keep cheap and people not interested in dating away. Luckily this fee is very small and you probably spend more in one night when you go out on Friday. The difference is that on dating website you have more chances finding a nice girlfriend than let’s say for example in a club. Online dating does require some work from your side because you need to create a dating profile and you need to email girls you like, but that is all part of the fun. Actually I think online dating is much cheaper than offline one because you don’t have to buy girls drinks just to make them notice you. Also you don’t really have to face any rejection because in online dating you either get reply or not.

Many guys I know are afraid of using online dating because they think that people will think that they are losers, however it is not true because I am using it and I met many hot girls on it. People who make fun of you because you joined online dating agency are just jealous and I bet after you get a girlfriend online, they will be the first asking you how to join one.

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