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Tuesday, 10 May 2011 00:15
You would be surprised to find out that there many single women looking for men; however most of those women will try to hide it because they don’t want to look promiscuous or desperate. So why is that there are so many single men who are not able to find girlfriend if thousands of single women are available? The answer is simple; men became shy and are afraid to approach women because of the fear of rejection and this kind of behaviour is the reason why there are so many unhappy and lonely people around. To learn how to approach single women without the fear requires lot’s of practice and if you don’t have a good plan you may develop even stronger fear of women and rejections.

So how and where can you find single women looking for men? The most obvious places are bars and nightclubs, because that is where single women come to try to attract single guys. If you like clubs then you shouldn’t have any problems meeting single girls, unless you are using pick up lines or you don’t take good care of you appearance. You will see that approaching single women in clubs is easy after you did a couple of approaches. The hardest approach is the first one, it is a like a bungee jumping, at  first you are extremely afraid but after you are done one, all fear will be gone. To approach girls in clubs and bars just ask them some question or complement on something like piece of jewellery and if the girl likes you she will continue talking to you. Girls are being constantly approached by drunken guys in a clubs and therefore if she thinks that you are approaching her only because you want to sleep with someone, she will immediately reject you. To avoid rejection your approach should be unique and indirect.

Other places full of single women are gyms, yoga classes and of course colleges if you are still there. Girls go to gym for two reasons: to get fit and to look on hot guys there and therefore many of them don’t mind you approaching them. To approach single women in gym you can just comment on the way she exercises or start with a friendly “hi, how are you doing” talk. In most cases it doesn’t matter what you are saying and as long as you able to confidently approach women, you always will be able to find a girlfriend.
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