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Saturday, 21 May 2011 22:25

There are many attractive girls in the world; however some of the most attractive girls you will ever come around are Asian girls. I always wanted to get an Asian girlfriend but I never had a chance with one mainly because I was quite shy and didn’t know where to meet Asian girls or what to talk with them to get them attracted to me. I spent many days saying “If I will meet an Asian girl I will approach her”, but when the moment came I was always backing of. After a couple of years of not having a girlfriend, I decided that this is enough and I started looking all over the internet for any information I could find on  how to become more confident and attractive to women. I realised that main reason for my low confidence was that I didn’t know what to talk about with girls and how to make them like me.

After a couple of month of internet browsing and spending about $500 on various dating eBooks I found out about Double Your Dating book. This book was slightly different from all the others because after reading all other books I had a feeling that they were written by some nerds who had no idea what they were talking about. Double Your Dating (DYD) was completely different and therefore after finishing reading it I decided to finally start using the methods described in that book because they were simply to implement and didn’t require memorizing all kinds of pick up lines. When Friday came I decided that it is a go time and I went to the club which I heard had a mature crowd and it also frequently visited by Asian girls. I came to the club at around 11 pm and it was quite full by that time. From the DYD book I learned that you need to start approaching girls as soon as you enter the club or otherwise you will just become too intimidated and you will never approach anyone.

Approaching girls is similar to jumping from a cliff because the longer you wait the less chances that you will have enough courage to jump. However if you jump as soon as you approach the cliff, you feel extremely good about yourself because you did something you were always afraid of and the next time you do the second jump you are not scared any more. Same with approaching girls, if you see an attractive Asian girl you like, then you need to approach her as soon as possible or otherwise you will become too scared and you will miss your chance. Even if your first approach fails, you will still feel extremely good and you will not be afraid to approach the second girl. Some of your approaches may fail because you are afraid of approach itself and even if you start a normal conversation, you body language will still show what are you felling. Therefore you need to do at least 5-10 approaches to overcome the fear of rejection depending on how strong is your fear of approaching girls.

Anyways so I came to the club, bought a bottle of some beer to become more relaxed and came to the dance floor to see if there are any attractive Asian girls there. I noticed two quite good looking Asian girls dancing at the corner of the club so I decided that I should go and ask if they want to dance. At that point I was extremely scared, but I figured out that I already spent lots of cash on dating eBooks and clothes and therefore now was the culmination moment. I came at the angle to one of the Asian girls and just smiled and asked if she wants to dance. She was hesitating for the moment so I asked her friend if she is ok if I dance with the girl I first approached. She said that she doesn’t mind as long as we don’t go anywhere.

So we started dancing and at first Asian girl was quite shy about me putting my hands on her waist, so I just started asking her all kinds of stupid questions I learned in DYD book and she became much more comfortable with me. After five minutes she was already grinding around me. Then her friend came and started whispering something in the ear of the girl I danced with. I realized that if I don’t do something, then she will be gone so I asked them both if they want to go to the bar to get something to drink. They agreed and we went to the bar and talked for a while about college, where they are from and what other good clubs they been to. The time was around 2 a.m. by then and I said that I have to go because I knew that those girls were quite mature and I didn’t have a chance sleeping with one of them.  From DYD I learned that if I will be the first who leaves, the girls will become more attracted to me because all other guys would stick to the end. So I asked for their numbers and gave a hug to both of the girls and then kissed the one I danced with to make her feel special.

I called this Asian girl I met in a club two days later and we talked for a while and decided to meet at local bar to get to know each other better. After the first date, came the second one and after a fifth date I was officially having an attractive Asian girl as my girlfriend. My confidence increased significantly because now I was dating a girl every guy was drooling about. Yes I did spent time and money to learn how to be more relaxed and interesting when talking to girls, but it all worth every penny I paid for it. If I had to do everything over then I would just buy Double Your Dating instead of spending money and time reading useless books written by some wanna be dating experts.

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