Approaching women in clubs Print
Friday, 27 May 2011 05:15
Approaching women in clubs is extremely easy if you have a good plan, because most of the women who go in a club are looking to meet someone. That is the main difference between all other places like malls or even bars where women are just looking to relax or hang out with friends and not necessarily meet anyone. Some guys don’t approach girls in clubs because they are afraid that those girls might have boyfriends and they will instantly reject all your advances. However this logic is flawed because if the girl is truly in love with the guy then she would never go without him to the club. It is possible that the girls you see are in fact in a relationship but since they are alone in a club it means that they are looking to dump their current partner and find somebody else.

Anyways so how do you go about approaching women in a clubs? One of the most important things which will decide whether you get rejected or girls will get extremely attracted to you depends on your appearance. By appearance I mean the kind of clothes you are wearing, how physically attractive you are and what is your body language when you approach women. The funny thing is that it doesn’t really matter what you are going to tell her because girl can almost instantly decide whether she will like a guy or not.  To make sure you look great, the first thing you need to do is start exercising at least two times a week. Physical activity will get you into shape and will also help your skin to look younger and more attractive. Another benefit of exercising is that when you are physically active, your body releases natural pheromones which will help you to get girl’s attention.

After you are done with appearance it is time to approach girls. When you come to the club just walk into it like you own the place but the trick is to look like a social guy at the same time. Then it is a good idea to buy yourself a drink to get more relaxed and so that you don’t look like you are out of place. Then you will need to go to the dance floor and try to see if there are any girls who are dancing alone or if there a pairs of two girls. When you are done drinking start dancing and slowly approach the girls you like and ask one of them if they want to dance. The trick is to look extremely confident and you should also use your body language to emphasize you point. If the girl agrees, then just start dancing with her and while doing so try to get to know her because if you will be quite then she will probably leave you after a while. Approaching girls on a dance floor is much easier than girls who are sitting somewhere in the corner because when girls dance they are becoming more exited and they don’t mind to get to know somebody and maybe get intimate if they like you.
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