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Wednesday, 22 June 2011 02:10

If you are tired to be alone and want to find girlfriend, then you need to be prepared to spend some time and money because it is pretty much impossible to find girlfriend just by sitting in your house. First step in finding girlfriend is to take a look at you appearance and to see if there is something you need to fix. Girls usually don’t care that much about looks, but by looking your best you will definitely increase your chances in finding a good looking girlfriend. First of all take a look at your physical appearance and if you are too fat or to skinny then it is good idea to start working out at least a couple of days a week. Working out will make you more attractive to women and will also make you more healthy and it is not a secret that most girls only want to sleep with healthy looking guys. After that take a look at you clothing and if you are not able to stand out among other guys then it is a sign that you need to go shopping.

When it comes to dating most guys have the same question in mind “Where or how to find a girlfriend?” There is no answer for this questions if you a looking to find a girlfriend for a serious relationship. Of course you will increase your chances by going to places with many single girls but the easiest way to find girlfriend is by approaching any pretty girl you see. The trick is to start a friendly conversation with her and if she likes you, she will ask for your facebook/number or whatever. Many guys can’t find a girlfriend because they never leave their houses and it makes sense since the only females they meet are their mother and maybe sister. If you are lucky then you sister may help you in finding girlfriend if she has single friends. However the best way to find girlfriend is to go out a lot. By going out I don’t mean going to parties, clubs or bar, though I know some guys who did meet their girlfriends in those places. If you have a free time go for a walk and if you see a girl you like just say hi and ask her something.  If she interested she will start talking to you and if not you just move on to the next girl.

There is no a magic trick when it comes to finding girlfriend and the only way to find one is by being social, confident and of course going out a lot to allow girls to notice you. Dating is not simple but after you get a couple of dates you will become much better at it and suddenly girls will become more attracted to you. This happens because when you approach girl for the first time, you will look nervous and will probably forget what you wanted to say. However after a couple of approaches you will become more confident and therefore you approaches will become better. Start talking to girls everywhere you go and you will find girlfriend in no time.

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