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Saturday, 06 August 2011 01:14
Dating American girls is extremely easy if you know how to approach, attract and where to meet American girls. There are quite a few guys who think that American girls are all high maintenance and are only looking for hot, popular and tall guys. Fortunately it is not true and American girls like any other girls are just looking for a guy who is confident, can make them smile, and has goals and ambitions. Most girls are not interested in looks and therefore any guy can get a hot American girlfriend if as I said before he knows how to approach and keep girl’s attention.

How to attract American girls?

When talking about attraction, many guys immediately jump to looks however it is not what it is all about. Most American girls are attracted to guys who are not afraid to make a first move and if you are the kind of guy who waits for the girl to ask him out then you will have serious problems in getting American girlfriend. Girls are also attracted to guys who are smart, funny and have at least some taste in fashion.

Where to meet American girls?

Bars – there are many pretty single American girls in bar and if you are not afraid to approach them you will not have any problems grabbing their attention. If the girl you like is surrounded by a bunch of other girls then it is good idea to girl her phone number and try to get a date with her later. Before you call American girl you should wait at least one day or otherwise the girl will perceive you as too needy and desperate.

Clubs – those places are always full of young and hot American girls looking to have fun and to meet decent guys. Meeting American girls in clubs is easy as long as you are not acting too creepy, like following the girl who made it clear that she has a boyfriend. There are always some easy American girls in a clubs; however there are also the ones that are classier and will require more work from your side before you will get their phone numbers.

College – most American girls in college are cute and love to have fun. The easiest place to meet American college girls is during various social events and parties.

Malls – there are hundreds of beautiful American girls in malls because as every guys knows, girls just love shopping.

Food courts – food courts have a fair number of gorgeous girls as well, especially during the lunch or at the end of the day, when girls go to grab a snack after they are done working.

How to Approach American Girls?

Most guys don’t approach girls because they are afraid of rejection and if it is your first approach then you will probably get rejected. A first five approaches will almost always end up in rejection and it is not because the girls didn’t like you. When you approach the first time you will be extremely self-conscious and it will show up through your body language. However after you done 5-10 approaches you will become more confident and after that approaching American girls will become extremely easy for you.

Meet American girls online

The easiest place to start meeting American girls is online. If you have problems approaching girls or you are not really confident around girls, then it is the best place to start. To start meeting American girls online you will need to join a good dating website. From my person experience it is good idea to join a dating website with large number of members, so that you will have many girls to practise you social skills. After you joined the website all you have to do is to create a profile and start chatting with girls you find attractive.

Hot American girls

I am sure almost every guy wants to get extremely hot girl to be his girlfriend, but unfortunately it takes some time to learn how to attract the hottest American girls around. Having a hot girlfriend can have magic effects on everything from your popularity to your career.

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