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Tuesday, 16 August 2011 02:07
Finding Indian girlfriend is not hard especially if you are still in college and you are looking to date Indian college girls. College is probably the easiest place to find girlfriend because most of the girls are single and are looking to have fun and of course find a nice guy.  To be that guy who can attract Indian college girls you need to know what girls in general are attracted to.  Most guys think that you need to be extremely good looking to attract hot Indian girls, but fortunately it is not true and as long as you are average looking you can attract almost any girl. Indian college girls are mostly attracted to guys who are confident and not afraid to make a first move.  The second most important thing you need to know to attract girls is to know how to talk to them and what to say to make them physically attracted to you.

There are several places to meet Indian college girls and those are college parties, social events and obviously your classes. If you have an Indian girl in you class and you want to get her attention, just ask her about how she did the assignment or if she has an eraser or just ask any other innocent question. The idea here is to show her that you are a normal guy who is not really hitting on her. After she becomes comfortable you it is time to ask if she wants to study for quiz together and so on. While you are in college take everything slowly because you have plenty of time and if you don’t get a date with Indian college girl you like today you can ask her out the next time, since you will probably see her every day during classes.

Getting a date with an Indian college girl is cool, but if you don’t take the things to the next level she might start thinking that you just want to be friends or even worse she might think that you are not into women at all. To avoid this try touching her whenever possible, of course you need to make sure that this appropriate.  For example start by touching her arm when you trying to make a point or give her lots of high fives. After a date with Indian college girl don’t forget to give her a hug and tell her that you really loved the time you spend together and that you are looking forward to repeat it. Just be cool and don’t act as a completely desperate dude and you will be able to find a nice Indian college girl in not time.

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