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Sunday, 16 October 2011 05:37

I know quite a few guys who are dating chubby girls and they say that they would never date a skinny one. All people are different and obviously there are many guys who are attracted to chubby girls. Anyways in this article you will learn how to attract and where to meet chubby girls. Girls in general are attracted to guys who can make them feel happy and there are a couple of ways to do so. First of all having a good sense of humour is always a plus if you are trying to get girls interested in you. Another thing you need to do is to try to show girls that you understand them and this is especially true with chubby girls because some of them have low self esteem.

Anyways let’s talk about where to meet chubby girls. The best place to meet chubby girls is online and if you don’t believe me go to any dating website and you will see that there are plenty of chubby girls there. Most of those girls are down to earth and are looking for a nice guy who can fully understand and make them feel happy. As you probably already know looks are important but most girls are more interested in personality because guys and girls have slightly different needs when it comes to dating. One of my favourite websites to meet girls online is Match. It has a large number of cute girls from various cities and it is not hard to get 2-3 dates per week if you create a decent profile and upload a couple of good photos.

The best way to approach chubby girls in general is by saying hi and then asking their opinion on something. If you see that the girl doesn’t mind talking to you, it is a good idea to ask her what she is up to and if she wants to grab a cup of coffee with you . Obviously you might need to talk with a girl for a while before asking if she wants to go to the closest coffee shop, but sometimes girls will join you even after a minute of talking because most girls are looking to meet someone special. You probably already heard that girls are very different from guys, but it shouldn’t stop you from asking the cute chubby girl in your class out because at the end we all still looking for the same things: love and happiness.

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