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Wednesday, 19 October 2011 05:09

If you want to start dating curvy girls but have trouble finding and attracting them, then you are not alone. Most curvy girls are not shallow and have personality and they are looking for a guy who also has a nice personality and that is why attracting them may require some time and skills. I have a couple of friends who are only attracted to curvy women and say that they would never date a skinny one and honestly I can’t blame them because men are naturally attracted to girls with curves. It is also much easier to date curvy girls then the skinny ones because they rarely spend one hour in bathroom before going out, deciding which pants to wear. Another advantage of dating curvy girl is that you don’t really have to worry that she will cheat on you or dump you.

Anyways if you want to find a girlfriend with a curvy body, stop wasting your time and get to work. The most common reason why guys who are single stay single is because they are not doing anything to find a girlfriend and obviously waiting for one to come may take years. The easiest and fastest way to find a curvy girlfriend is by joining a good dating website. The reason why I think joining dating website is the easiest way to find a curvy girlfriend is because many of those girls are quite shy and very few of them go to clubs or bars, but many of them have a profile at a dating websites. To start meeting girls online all you need to do is to join one and then you will be asked to create a dating profile. The dating profile has two components to it: photos and about me part. The photos part is straightforward and all you need to do is to upload several good photos of yourself where are you doing something exciting. In the about me part you should write about your hobbies, interests and why girls should be interested in dating you.

The next step is actually messaging the girls you like. Be prepared that some girls will not reply to you messages and there are thousands of reasons why they might do so. In most cases if the girl doesn’t reply to your messages it is very possible that there is something wrong with her and not you, assuming that you wrote a decent message. To write a decent message you need to read girl’s profile and then based on the information you learned about the girl you need to write a message. My last advice for you is that you should be persistent and don’t worry if you don’t get replies to some of your messages. From my own experience you can easily get a girlfriend from a dating website in less than a month.

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