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Friday, 28 October 2011 23:35

I will show you a secret method which will allow you to meet and approach girls in the clubs without being labelled as a creep or being plainly rejected. If you don’t want to be a creep never approach girls from the back and don’t start grinding unless you already talked to the girl before. Sometimes it may work but in most cases girls will think that you a creepy and don’t have enough confidence to look them in the eyes while trying to start dancing with them. Secondly if the girl says that she doesn’t want to dance with you –just leave and don’t ask any stupid questions like “why not” or even worse “can I buy you a drink?” The clubs are full of girls and if one doesn’t enjoy your company, then just move on to the next one, and buying drinks for random girls before you had a decent chat with them is also a bad idea because they will probably agree with getting drinks and later they will just ditch you.

Now I will give you a bunch of questions which will allow you to start conversation with girls in the clubs. These are not pick up lines, because pick up lines only work if the girl is drunk, you are extremely good looking or usually both.

  • Do you want to dance? –usually works great on a dance floor, obviously not every girl is going to dance with you because some may have boyfriends or are too shy to dance with a guy in front of their friends.

  • I wonder if you know any good clubs around here, because this place is dead?” –  works on girls who are not dancing, if they disagree with you, ask how come they are not dancing and then just ask them to dance.

  • Hi, how are you doing? Do you like this club?/or are you having fun? - If they say that they are having fun ask them how come they are not dancing?-Just don’t act too seriously because your first goal when going clubbing is to have fun.

  • Hi, how come you are sitting all alone here? Then pretend that the girls look super sad and ask them to dance because everybody else is having fun.

  • I like how you dance-works if a girl is a terrible dancer and if she laughs take her hand and show her how to do it properly unless you don’t know how to dance yourself.

  • Wow that is a nice drink! – and then ask how it tastes and just start general talk.

The best way to avoid rejections is by trying to find girls who want to be approached. Those are the girls who are always looking around and when they dance it will look like they are getting away from their other girlfriends. It also useful to get an eye contact from girls before approaching but unfortunately most girls in a clubs are quite shy and they will rarely lock eyes with you.  To solve this problems pay attention to how girl breaks eye contact: if she just looks to her side then she is probably not very interested but if she looks down first, then you should definitely try to approach her, because it means that she is experiencing some kind of emotions.

To succeed in the clubs you have to approach many girls because as I said before not all of them are looking to meet guys and it is your job to find those who do. .

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