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Thursday, 19 January 2012 06:34

I always was interested in dating Russian girls but unfortunately I didn’t have an opportunity until I met one in my class. One day I was sitting in my home room just before chemistry class and preparing for the test when a quite good looking girl came by and sat close to me. I didn’t pay much attention to her until she started talked on her phone in some eastern European language. After she finished talked I decided to talk to her and I asked where is she from. She told me that she is an exchange student from Russia, so we talked for a while. It was just a friendly chat but later when I came home I got a feeling that I am fully in love with that girl, even though we talked only for twenty minutes. I am not sure what got me so interested in her but I decided that I just needed to make her my girlfriend.

The next day I came to the class early because I wanted to talk to my new Russian friend but unfortunately she was late for class and she sat on another part of the room. After class I wanted to go talk to her but something shouted inside of me: “You don’t want to look desperate! If she likes you she will wait for you.” Therefore I decided to go straight to my next class, but when I was about to leave a room I heard somebody calling my name and when I turned back it was that Russian girl. She asked if I can help her with her English homework. I agreed but told her that in return she will have to buy me a drink, because I wanted to ask her out but didn’t have a good excuse.  After finishing her homework we went to the college bar and talked more about her country and what she is enjoying doing in her spare time.

After getting a few drinks I got brave enough and I asked her about her past relationships and whether she had a boyfriend.  From her body language, I knew that she was interested in me but I wanted to show her that I am not just another desperate dude, so I just told her that I need to go and I gave her a hug. After that we had a few more dates and after a month she became my girlfriend.

What I learned from this experience is that Russian girls, like all other girls want to feel special and if you are the guy who can give them that feeling then you will have no problems getting a Russian girlfriend.

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