What are good first date ideas? Print
Wednesday, 01 February 2012 07:28

You probably know how it is important to have at least some idea about dating to ensure that you will have a perfect and exciting date. Many guys become very nervous when they have to go on a first date and that is why some of them do things that prevent them from showing their best side. The main point of a first date is to try to make a girl interested in you, if of course you are interested in her. When you are nervous it is very hard to keep track of the things you are saying or doing. I know many guys who act completely different when they are nervous because of a girl. For example one of the guys I know starts to talk about how he is not a social person and how he hates people, when he becomes nervous on a date.  It is nice to be sincere but if the girl gets a speech like that in an example above, she will never call back or go on a second date with you.

To avoid the nervousness on a first date all you need is to know what you are doing because most people become nervous when they are doing something that they never did before. Anyways let’s talk about the typical date and what you need to do to keep a girl happy. If you just meet a girl and you are going on first date, the best place to go is restaurant or a good bar. Places like fast foods will probably not work unless you are still young or you are sure that your date doesn’t mind it. On other hand places like Tim Horton’s might work, especially if you are meeting a girl that you met on internet. If you don’t want to look cheap you can go to Starbucks instead and as a matter of fact Starbucks is a good place for almost any date because they have nice comfortable sofas, where you can sit close to a girl.

Other good ideas for the first date are to take a girl to a zoo or an amusement park especially if she is still in her late teens or twenties.  Almost every guy takes his first date to the restaurant or movie and therefore if you want to standout the two places I pointed above will be perfect and that date will be stacked in girl’s head for a long time.  You can also try to figure out what is the best place to go by paying attention to what kind of interests your girl has.

After you figured out what you are going to do on a first date, you can try to visualize every step of you date and when you actually go on a date you will feel extremely confident and you will know what to do and to say in almost any situation.

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