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Thursday, 16 February 2012 07:42

If you are not sure how to date your neighbour or whether you should even try dating your neighbour, then you might benefit by reading this article. There is nothing wrong with dating your neighbour, even though many people will think otherwise. If you tried to find some info on internet about dating your neighbour, then you probably came upon a few articles where the authors claimed that you need to avoid dating you neighbour at every cost possible even if she is cute and single. The main reason guys are afraid to date the girl next door is because of the fear of rejection or they afraid that they will scare other girls in the neighbourhood, but from my point of view those two reasons are big misconception.

First of all you can completely avoid any rejections by never officially asking your neighbour on a date, but instead you can ask her if she wants to join you for barbeque or for some activity in your place. Another idea is to invite her to the party at your place when you are going to throw one. You don’t even have to ask her to come to your party and instead you can say something like “I am throwing a party tonight and it is going to be quite loud around here, so if you will have trouble sleeping you can come by.” The most important point you need to remember when you want to date your neighbour is that you should be very patient and just let her get used to your company or you can even visit her by offering to help her if she mentions that she has some trouble with doing something.

The ironical thing about all those warning that dating your neighbour should be avoided at all costs is that I read somewhere a statistics that more than 40% of all the couples, when first met lived less than a mile from each other.  Obviously you need to use some common sense and make sure that the girl is genuinely interested in you and not in the stuff you own. The first sign of danger is when she asks if she can move in to your place without offering to pay half the bill. Fortunately most girls who are flirting with you in your neighbourhood are actually attracted to you because most of them know that if they try to play a golddigger, the whole neighbourhood will know about that and for most women reputation is very important. So don’t be afraid to date a girl next door, who smiles at you anytime she catches your stare.

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