How to meet girls in college? Print
Tuesday, 21 February 2012 00:29

College is the easiest place to meet girls and if you don’t know how to meet girls in college, then I would try to learn it is soon as possible because when you will be out of college it will become harder and harder to meet girls and new people in general. When you are in college, you are surrounded by thousands of young open minded women who are here not only to get education but also to have fun and it almost always involves partying and meeting guys. Most college guys can be divided into two types: the ones that are successful in dating girls in college and the ones that are not. The bad news are that it is hard to switch from one category to other but it is possible, especially if you are still a freshman.

The most important step you can take to meet girls in college is to join a club or fraternity. Yes I know that in most movies fraternities are portrayed as the places for jerks and people who don’t care much about their marks, but in reality it is completely different. Most members of the fraternities are actually very smart students, who realise that is very important to build as many connections in college as possible before you actually go into a real world. Joining a fraternity will also allow you to make lots of friends and become popular. Girls are attracted to popular guys and there is nothing you can do about it. Having many friends will also increase your chances in meeting single girls because many of your friends will have single sisters or girlfriends and they can hook you up with those single girls.

Obviously you should also try to meet girls in your classes or whenever you are in place where there is an abundance of girls and a few of those places are college bars, patios and food courts. Most freshmen girls don’t know many people and they will be more than happy to talk to you if you will act as a friendly social guy. To succeed in college dating you need to balance your academic work and social life because otherwise you will be always stressed and some of your insecurities may show up. Meeting girls in college should be fun and if you are not having fun, then you should try to change your game.

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