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Thursday, 01 March 2012 06:14

I am sure you know a few good looking guys who are dating ugly girls and you probably wondered what keeps this relationship together.  You probably heard saying that love is blind and this is why there are so many couples where one partner is better looking than another. Looks do matter but only at the beginning of the relationship, but when you fall in love you will start to find you partner more and more physically appealing. Another problem with calling some girls ugly or hot is that almost everyone has different taste and some guys may find themselves attracted only to skinny blondes while others might be only turned on by girls with curves. What we find attractive depends on our earlier childhood experiences as well as on what kind of parents and relatives we have.

That is why I believe that there is nothing wrong with dating a girl whom other guys may find ugly. Another reason why some ugly girls are able to get hot guys is because they are smart and have great social skills and even though many guys are quite shallow, it is still much more fun to be with a girl who can talk about topics other than gossips and shopping. Hot and ugly girls also have very different attitudes and what I mean by that is that most hot girls expect guys to do everything for them even though they don’t have much to give in return. I actually witnessed one of those attitudes from hot girl while I went shopping. I wanted to by a pair of jeans, so I asked a hot girl who worked there if she could help me out but the only thing she did was to show me the place where they were selling jeans without giving me any advices on what pair should I buy. In other words she expected me to buy jeans from her only because she is hot. However when another girls who was working there came, she explained me everything from prices to what type of jeans is trendy now and she was nowhere as hot as the previous girl.

The point I tried to make with my example is that when you are looking for a girl to date, you need to decide for yourself whether you want someone just to sleep with or someone with whom you can also treat as a friend, who will go with you hiking, skiing, fishing or even play sports.  As I already said there is nothing wrong with dating girls whom other guys may find ugly because if you are happy with her, why would you ever want to change anything just to fulfill expectations of some shallow strangers you don’t really care about?

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