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Thursday, 01 March 2012 06:51

Almost every guy wants to date hot girls, but very few are willing to do what is takes to date one of those hotties. I am not going to lie, dating hot girls is not easy and it does require some skills and work from your part, but when you finally get a girlfriend who looks like a model you will be glad that you spend so much time on chasing her. To be able to date hot girls, you need to be able to give girls something that other guys can’t and yes being rich also helps. However money is not the main factor that will determine whether you get a hot girlfriend or not, because I saw quite a few guys who didn’t even work but dated girls who looked like they were from the cover of a fashion magazine. Number one quality you need to have to get a hot girlfriend is confidence because you need to be able to go through dozens of rejection without showing any negative reactions.

The next quality after confidence that will get you hot girls is to be unique. It can be your talents in music, sports or even in getting good grades. Girls do love smart guys and the only reason why nerds don’t have girlfriends is because they don’t have enough confidence to ask a pretty girl on a date. Being good at sport or music is also extremely attractive because that makes you unique and popular at the same time and being popular will never hurt your chances in getting a hot girlfriend. Another quality you need to have is persistence, yes you will get rejected but you will need to try again and again until you succeed.

The number one difficulty in dating hot girls is that they will require lots of maintenance and they will expect you to do everything for them. The good news are that fulfilling those girls’ expectations is not required to date them as long as you are confident and you act as everything is under your control.  Hot girls will test you to see if you are confident and whether you will be able to handle and take care of them. The most common test is to see whether you can be influenced by beauty and it can be everything from asking you to buy something expensive to asking you to do some unreasonable favour for them.  There is no a solid solution for all those tests and the best way to pass them is to find some role model such as Hunk Moody from Californication and just think what he would do in this situation, and no he would never buy a hot girl he just met a new phone or shoes just to impress her.

Dating hot girls will require you to be a real man and you will have to work on yourself, but at the end you will get a hot girlfriend as well as you will become a very successful member of the society and you will able to use the skills you learned in other areas of your life.

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