Why women like tall men? Print
Friday, 06 April 2012 03:35

It is not a secret that women are attracted to tall men, but why does it happen and can you still get a girlfriend if you are not six feet tall? I will start with the first part of the question and then I will explain how you can still get girls even if you are five feet tall. Women are biologically programmed to be attracted to the men who have the best genetic makeup. Being tall helped a lot when we were living in caves and men had to protect women from animals and other tribes. However as we became more civilized being tall is starting to play smaller role in our survival, but women will still be attracted to tall guys for the next millennium, because genetic makeup is something that is not easy to change.

However the good news are that if you are not tall you can still get as many women as tall guys just by showing women that you can still protect them and to do so you need to act as alpha male. Alpha male is a guy who is confident and is not intimidated by the presence of hot women or other taller guys. Another skill that is the must, if you want to be able to attract women is ability to create a connection with girls by using your voice, body language and the way you act.  The sad part is that media always bombards us with thousands of ads telling how we need to get a car, house and bunch of credit cards to be able to attract girls, but unfortunately it is not true. Girls are looking for a guy who has personality and who is confident. Money, fame, good looks and being tall help to attract girls but if you don’t have those traits you can still get more girls than you will ever be able to handle if you are confident and you know how to talk to women to make them fall in love with you.

The problem is that many guys believe that if you don’t have skills to attract girls, then you will never be able to attract quality women. I strongly disagree with that because I know quite a few guys who went from being complete geeks to being chick magnets in very short time. All you need to attract girls if you are not chick magnet is to get information those successful guys know how to attract women and you can just use that info yourself and you can become as good as them or even better than the guy who gets all the girls in your class. Unfortunately those successful guys will never share this information because they obviously don’t want you to become good and steal their women.

When I first tried to get some information about the skills needed to pick up girls I didn’t have much luck, but then one of my friends advised me to read Double your Dating book by David Deangelo and that book completely changed my outlook on women. What I like the most about that book is that it helps you to learn bunch of skills that you can use right away. There are obviously thousands of other dating books and I am guilty of reading dozens of them, but from my opinion you can get everything you need to attract almost any woman you want from Double Your Dating.

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