Approach and attract girls by talking about their hairstyle. Print
Friday, 25 January 2013 04:54

Here is another article on how to start conversation with random girls by talking or complimenting on something they have or wearing. Today we are going to talk on how to start a conversation with a girl by talking about her hair. This approach can be used on almost any girl, as long as she has more or less decent hairstyle. As before, we are going to compliment, ask a question or get her opinion on something related to her hair or hairstyle she has.

The easiest way to approach a girl is by saying, "I like your hairstyle", but make sure it sounds sincere. Ask where she got it and whether they do men's hair as well. Tell her that you really like the colour of her hair and ask if it is natural, if not make a joke about it. “I am sure you would look great with black hair as well, but your hair is natural right?  Or do you have extensions?” If she says that the hair are natural, tell her that you had a girlfriend with fake hair and you found out that she had extension (or wig) only after dating her for three month. However when you tell the story, make it sound like a joke.

If the girl you are talking to reacts positively and you are in appropriate situation, ask if you can touch her hair. Tell her that it is really soft and smell good. Try then to switch talking about necklace or other jewellery she is wearing, and if you see that the girl is interested in you, touch her more. Other ways to start talking with random girls is by telling them that they hair look very good with whatever else they are wearing (jacket, t-shirt, skirt).

After you talked with a girl for a while and you see that she is interested in you, get her number, by saying that you really enjoyed talking to her but you need to meet some other people. After getting number, give her hug and say “I will call or text you when I am not busy”. Many people advise to wait two days before calling a girl, but in my opinion it is better to call her the next day, because she might forget about you and this is especially true for girls you meet in a clubs or bars.

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