Approach and meet girls: what are you reading? Print
Saturday, 16 February 2013 03:45

In this article we will talk about getting relationship type material girls by approaching them and asking questions and opinions related to some kind of literature. There is usually a big distinction between party girl and a nice girl, nice girls usually but not always are more intelligent and they like to read a lot. So how can you approach the girl in a park, train or on the bus stop who is reading something? Just ask her what she is reading and then try to find out about her tastes in books. Here are some questions to ask a cute girl who reads a book: "You seem to be really interested in this book, what are you reading?", "I usually like to read as well, but I never heard about this book, what is it about?", “What kind of literature do you like and why?", "What is the best book you had ever read?", " I am looking for a present for my co-worker, which book do think might be a good choice?".

After she replies to your question try to developer topic more deeply by asking about her interests, hobbies and how she likes to spend her free time. Ask if she is creative and whether she likes to write herself. If you see that she starts to show interests in you, ask what she does in her spare time and whether she is single and then go for the phone number. Before asking for the number tell her that it was nice talking to her but you need to go, however you would love to meet up with her sometime later. Another option is to invite her for the coffee right way, especially if you met her somewhere outside. Just tell her that you were on your way to grab a coffee and ask her if she wants to join you for 10-20 minutes.

One thing I want you to remember is that the number one quality you need to have, if you want to be very successfully in meeting women as well as in other parts of your life is confidence. If you have low confidence you will always find it difficult to meet women and people in general. Everyone can become confident and all you need is dedication and practice. The more you practice the easier and more natural you will become in approaching women and more chances you will have in meeting your perfect soul mate.