Start conversation with girls by talking about jewellery they are wearing. Print
Thursday, 21 February 2013 05:05

Starting conversation with the girl you like is the hardest part in the whole dating process. At least it feels like it is the hardest phase for most guys. Just imagine if you could approach any girl you want and you knew what to talk about. Would you have problems getting a girlfriend? In this article I am going to talk again about starting conversation with random girls by talking about jewellery they are wearing. Let’s face, almost every girl is wearing some kind of jewellery from necklace to tongue piercing and there are always some reasons behind all those pieces of jewellery. For girls every necklace, ring or bracelet they wear are very special and the best way to start conversation with a girl and to show her that you genuinely interested in her is to ask why she is wearing that specific piece of jewellery. There are hundreds of questions you can ask a girl about jewellery she is wearing but the main point of all those questions is to make girl start talking about herself and why she choose to wear whatever she is wearing. This will usually make her feel slightly emotional and she will associate some of the emotions with you, because you are the one who started the conversation. Also remember, if you want to make girl attracted to you, it is necessarily for you to make her feel emotional, because attraction is not logical and without emotions there is no attraction.

Some questions to ask girls about jewellery are: where did you get it? Did you get it as a present? Who gave it to you? What material it is made up from? Does it mean anything? Do you wear it all the time or just for special occasions? Do you wear it to attract guys? Do you get many compliments on it? Can I see it? Can I touch it?

Another way to start conversation is by complimenting her or just by making a general statement on whatever she is wearing. Some examples are: That is a very exotic ring, this necklace looks really good with you shirt, that's a nice bracelet and so on. If you see that's she is enjoying talking to you, get her number even if she mentions that she has a boyfriend or she is eyeing someone, because at the very worst you will meet another lady friend, who might later hook you up with her single girlfriends.