How to meet single Asian women in Vancouver or any other big Canadian city? Print
Sunday, 03 March 2013 05:57

Meeting Asian or single women in general can be really hard even if you live in a big city such as Vancouver. It may seem for many guys that most women have some kind of wall around them that they use to keep guys from approaching them. Fortunately in most cases it is not true and most girls are actually interested in meeting men as long as you are approaching them sober and with at least some confidence. Walls however do exist between you and single women you want to approach, but all those walls are in your head and that is what stops you from meeting single women and getting dates. Confidence is one quality that removes those imaginary walls you build inside your head. If you lack confidence however, the only way to get it is to get out and practice. Yes you will get rejected but with each rejection your confidence will grow stronger and stronger.

So how do you approach single Asian girls in Vancouver? There are a few ways to do so: ask a question, compliment her or just directly state your interest in her. Depending on the situation and your level of confidence you might find one of those methods to be more successful than others. However you should try to learn how to use three of those methods to increase your potential in meeting single women. Let’s cover all three methods here so you know what I am talking about. First is asking girls some question and seeing how they react. If she seemed to be comfortable and interested in helping you, then you can continue talking to her, if not, you just go and approach another woman. The question can be anything from "Do you know where the Starbucks is?"  to "Can you recommend what kind of cologne I should get for myself?" complimenting is similar, just tell her that you like her style/ haircut/dress and see how she reacts. Stating direct interest in a girl is actually the easiest one but it involves higher risk, especially if you lack confidence, however it is the fastest way to get a date with a girl.