How to meet single women? Print
Friday, 08 November 2013 04:25

There are 3 main steps when it comes to meeting women. First of all you need to be prepared, you need to know where to go and how to get her number or ask her to meet up later. Let’s start with preparation stage. This stage happens before you leave your house. You need to have a plan about what you are going to say to women that you will be approaching. It can be anything from simple hi to something more sophisticated such us “can I get your opinion on something". You need to have something prepared in your mind unless you are used to approaching girls. If you don't have some kind of plan your brains will usually do what they are used to do and in the case you are not approaching girls very often, they will prevent you from approaching girls this time again. So if you do want to have success in approaching women prepare a few lines you are going to use to approach women. It is also a good idea to visualize how you approach women using the lines you prepared and this will significantly decrease your fears. You also need to get used to idea that you will be rejected once in a while and it is completely normal. I actually think rejections are good things because if you could always get a girl to go on a date with you, it wouldn't be fun. That's why it is a best idea to treat approaching girl as a game.

Second step is to figure out where to go to meet women. The place where you will go will depend on a type of women you want to meet. If you are looking for smart, intelligent non party type girls you might consider hanging out around libraries, book stores or colleges, if on other hand you are looking for a crazy party girl you should go to clubs and bars. You also should consider where you will most comfortable when approaching girls. There are also places such as bars or coffee shops where all kinds of girls go. Other places you might consider are gyms, parks, malls, conferences, food courts, museums, sport events and etc. In the beginning you will have to force yourself to approach girls but when you become used to it, you will stop noticing how you approach girls, because it will start to seem completely natural and will not be much different from talking to your friends or family members.

So you talked with a girl for a while and you seem interested I her, but how do you meet her again? There are few steps to accomplish that, first of all you can ask for her number by saying "It was very nice talking to you, but I need to go, I think we should go for coffee someday, what is your number?" In most cases girl will give you her number if she enjoyed talking to you. If she doesn't give you her number, don't worry about it because she might have a boyfriend, not into guys, shy or just thinks that you are not her type. If you get rejected the best thing is to walk away by saying smoking like “it was nice talking to you, bye". You shouldn’t waste your time on women who do not appreciate you, because there are thousands of others who will be more than happy to go on a date with you.

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