How to meet single women in the night clubs? Print
Sunday, 10 November 2013 01:53

Nightclubs are usually the most popular pickup places you will ever find. Girls go to clubs to meet guys and guys go there to meet girls. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages of meeting girls in clubs and I am going to start with advantages. First of all there are many hot women available and most of them are actually looking to meet guys and therefore if you approach them, they will not freak out. Most girls are slightly tipsy and are more open to talk to random guys. Most girls are easy and will hook up or at least give you their number. If you get rejected you will probably never see that girl again and even if you will, she will probably not remember you.

There are also some disadvantages to meeting girls in nightclubs. The number one disadvantage is that many girls you will meet in nightclub will probably not be the girls you will want to have a relationship with, since most of them just want to have fun and are not looking for anything serious. Most clubs only start working after 9 pm, so you will have to stay up late. There are a bunch of drunken people so you should be more careful not to get punched in a face. You need to be able to know how to dance. It can get really loud so sometimes you will have to scream when talking to girls. Otherwise clubs are perfect places to learn how to approach women and get over rejections.

There are two places to meet girls in club: one is dance floor and another one is everywhere else in the club. You will have to use different approaches in those two places to be successful in picking up women. When you are meeting women on the dance floor you will not be able to talk a lot because of the loud music being played and therefore you will have to use one liners such as "hey, how is it going, I like how you dance" or just "do you want to dance". Sometimes you will see that the girl keeps eye contact and in most cases it is an invitation to dance. If she reacts negatively just tell her that she looked like she wanted to dance. Dance floor game is tough because you will have some competition from other guys and looks do play a big role at this game. However from my experiences usually the guy with a confidence and without fear of rejections gets all the girls.

To pickup girls outside of dance floor you will have to use combination of direct approach and flirting. For example you can strike conversation with "hey, how are you, I am mike" or” how is your night going", " you girls look all dressed up, what the occasion tonight" and so on. In nightclub environment you should act fast and get girls numbers or kiss a girl right away or otherwise she may just leave you or she might meet someone whom she already knows.

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