Why women love rich men? Print
Sunday, 10 November 2013 02:26

It is not a secret that women are attracted to rich men. But doesn't it mean that if you are not rich you will not get a girlfriend? Not necessarily. Money do help to attract women, but you also need to have personality or otherwise women will fall in love with your money and not you. However let’s first start with the reason why money play such a crucial role in a dating world. Money show that you have power over other people and that's what attracts women. Additionally to that most people associate money and power with confidence which also improves your chances with ladies. There is also biological part to it as well.

Women are looking for a man who will be able to support their children and money usually show that you will be able to support your offspring. Besides all that, women think that the guy with money will give them things and experiences they never had before such as expensive dinners and luxury vacations. Therefore you can see that having too much money and showing off may attract women who will try to use you, instead of the ones who are looking for true love. In fact many good girls can turn into bad ones when they see money, so if you are rich it is better not to show off your wealth.

However if you don't have any money it can be a problem as well, since many girls will expect you to pay when going out at one or another point, and if you will not be able to it might show you in a bad light. Fortunately money is not the only thing that attracts women; confidence and strong character play a more significant role. The funny thing however is that if you have confidence and character you will have some source of income and that's why girls might think that you are lazy if you are poor. That is why it is important to always move towards reaching your financial goals such as going to university or at least looking for a better job, so that girls you date will see that you have potential and this usually enough to keep relationship strong.

On other hand if you don't have a job it is a good idea to first start looking for a job and then for a girlfriend, because girlfriends are expensive since they will require some of your money and obviously a lot of you free time. In another words always try to grow whether it is financially or mentally so that your women can see why she should stick around with you.

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