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Sunday, 10 November 2013 02:41

First date is the very critical point, when it comes to getting a girlfriend and if you make a bad impression you might never have a second chance to fix your errors. During the first date a guy and a girl get to know each other and usually if you do everything right and don't act like somebody that you are not you will get a second date and the girl will become your girlfriend.
Many guys make mistake by thinking that the girl on a first date is not interested in you yet or doesn't want to kiss you. That is not true at all because if the girl went on a date with you it means that she is at least slightly interested in you and you should act like you already know that she likes you. Guys with low self esteem, who get a date with a hot girl usually make this mistake by thinking that the girl went on a date with them for any reason but not because she is interested in him, since those guys usually think that hot girls are out of the league. Unfortunately if you think that the girl is out of your league she will feel that and it will turn her off since it shows that you lack confidence and self esteem and it is a big NO when it comes to dating.

Another myth is about kissing on first date and yes I strongly believe that if you like a girl you should just go for the kiss. If she is shy she might turn away but she will still see that you are confident and it will increase the attraction and she will let you kiss the next time. The problem with not kissing a girl on a first date is that she might friendzone you, since that is what friends do. They hangout, talk, have fun and then they go home without kissing each other or doing any other physical contact. There are also guys who take it too far and sleep with the girl on a first date, but I honestly don't sleep with the girl until second week, especially if I am looking for a girlfriend, because I didn't hear about many successful relationships that started as a one night stand.

When you go to the first date, it doesn't have to be restaurant because it is overrated and almost every girl been to restaurant on a first date and therefore you will not be able to stand out among the other guys she dated. Instead go to coffee place, shisha or go do some sport activity. If you get tired after your activity then it is time to go and grab a bite. When on a first date I found out that it is better to let your girl do all the talk and all you do is asking her some questions. This way you will be able to find out what she likes before you say something that will turn her off. The funny thing with letting the girl talk and not telling her much about yourself is that she will think that you have some mystery to yourself and it will only increase the attraction.

Act confidently on a first date and treat her like someone you already knew for a long time and always assume that she like you. Also I think it is a good idea not to call her often the first week after you started dating to show that you are not desperate and you have many other things going in your life that need to be taken care off.

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