How to stop being shy with girls? Print
Tuesday, 08 April 2014 04:36

A lot of guys in the world are experiencing some discomfort in their dealings with girls. Despite the fact that these guys are handsome, clever and interesting, they are shy when talking to a girl. Sometimes it happens that the guy is very talkative in groups of friends, but when it comes to talking to a girl, he becomes silent and doesn’t know what to say. In this article I will try to help get rid of shyness in front of girls.

First you have to understand that the girl is not a Princess, and not the Queen, this is not the wife of the President, it's not a creature from Venus, but just the same human being as you are. She also has too many complexes and fears in her head, she is afraid of heights, and looking stupid. Like all of us! Girls are absolutely the same as you, so don't be afraid to say something. She is also shy, but if she says something stupid, it will not stop you from liking her, right? That is why you have nothing to worry about when talking to girls.

I'll write it again! Girls are just as worried as you!

Do not forget that you have many positive qualities that girls will love. If you can't find something to say, then try to make girl talk by asking her questions. Every girl loves to talk about herself. Show interest. If you can’t say anything at all, imagine that you are talking to a guy and behave accordingly.

If you don't try, then you will fail. If you strongly feel embarrassed when approaching girls and you think that sitting at home will help you overcome your fears, then you will become even more miserable.

Start by talking to hairdressers, waitresses, sellers, even to a neighbour or grandmas. A few words every day, and over the time you will start to feel more confident in a female environment. Take a couple of months, and you will be able to calmly talk about anything with the waitress.

If you are a student, then join debate or public speaking club. Just half of an hour talking to a public on a stage will significantly increase your confidence when it comes to talk to girls.

Whenever you see girls just ask them something: ask for the time or direction, ask general questions and continue your way. After 100 attempts, you will feel more confident and your shyness will vanish.

The most important thing is to relax and have fun with it.