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Thursday, 01 July 2010 20:53
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Here are 8 ways to get your ex boyfriend back.  These steps were developed by psychologists, magicians and psychics after studying numerous situations when girl was able to get her boyfriend back.

  1. "Be sincere" – Forget all the insults you got from your boyfriend, by doing so you will get rid of all the anger you have in yourself and therefore will become more attractive to him. If you hurt him before break up you should ask him to forgive you and make it clear to him that you are not going to hurt him again. The second step is to show to your ex that you are ready to start your relationship from the very beginning.

2. "Power method" -For this purpose you need to visualize your ex boyfriends  love to you, to imagine, your own feeling of love going to that guy, as it gets into his heart, finds his  response, and, amplifying, comes back to you. You need to do this every day, and the best time to visualize is before going to bed and after awakening when the power of the guy is unable to resists your influence. For the best visualization use his photo.

3. "Conversation". Have heart to heart talk with your ex boyfriend but don’t mention anything about you relationship. In that conversation talk about your joint dreams, desires, etc. the conversation method helps with those guys who are used to follow their logic.

4. "Jealousy". Making guys jealous sometimes works since they start to feel that somebody is using their “property”. To make your ex jealous go out with another guy in a place where you ex can see you. But be careful with this method to make sure nobody gets physically hurt.

5. "Memory" - it is necessary to create a situation close to the one when you both met first time. It sometimes that helps to excite romantic feelings again. Try also to wear the same closes you wore, going to the same place, listening to the same melody, and watching the same film as the one when you first met. It will raise in the guy the memories of the first meeting and the first romantic feelings.

6. "Joint business". Show the guy that you also smart and help him with something he is having trouble with.

7. "A non-standard act". Surprise your ex boyfriend with something special. For example, jump from a parachute, holding the poster "forgive me". Or something like that. He should see of what you are capable for the sake of getting together again.

8. "Ideal". Find out, what’s your ex boyfriend’s image of an ideal woman and become one.

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