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Thursday, 22 July 2010 21:19

The most important part in finding girlfriend online is sending a good first message which will make girl interested enough in you to send you a reply. Here is one sample dating message which I think is quite good:

“Hi how are you? Well I definitely like your attitude you think same people attract? ;) I’m NAME and I’m AGE. I think I was born competitive in sports and everything. I’m a gentleman at heart. But I do cause mischief though who doesn't. If you think you can handle that hit me back love to hear from you :) “

This message is great because you are not asking girl to have a mercy on you and reply to your email, but instead you are showing some confidence and also the funny site of yourself. The most common mistake most guys make is that they are act as wuss in their emails, for example “ I hope you will write me back” or even better “ I know that I am not good enough for you”. Come on, why do you think you are not good enough for hot girl you want to date?

To send a good first dating message you should at least read a profile of girls you want to contact and write a nice 5 sentences max email, where you should slightly tease her and also show that you are interested in getting to know her.

Another reason why some guys afraid to write messages to hot girls is because hot girls usually write in their profiles that they are only replying to the guys who send them the most interesting messages, so what is a problem, just learn how to write cool messages and you will be ahead of a game. Also you may want to get a pack of 47 Ready to Use Dating Messages to have an idea how a proper first dating message should look.

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