Married women looking for affairs Print
Wednesday, 08 September 2010 06:18
Did you ever wonder why there are so many married women looking for affairs? There are many reasons for that, however the two most important ones are lack of sexual attraction to a current partner and the second reason is lack of excitement in a sex life. Most married women who are looking for affairs are using dating websites since it is a very safe way to meet new guys and also it is the easiest way since they don’t even have to leave their bedroom. That is why many dating websites full of women who are only looking to have quick fling and nothing more.

It is very important to be not only emotionally but also sexually attracted to your partner to have a successful and long lasting marriage. Many guys think that if you are rich but ugly you can still get any girl to be your wife, however the problem is that in most cases those women will have affairs with someone else to satisfy their sex drive. Besides that most of those marriages don’t last very long but it is another story.

Lack of excitement in sex life is probably the most important reason for why married women are looking for affairs. If you do the same thing with your girl over and over again, she will sometime get tired from it and will probably look for something new or in the worst case for “someone new”. That is why it is very important to be unpredictable in bed. You can try different poses or try doing it in different places.

Ultimately you goal is to make your woman think that there is no other guy in the world who can make her feel as good as you. If you do that, your girl will never have any affairs.

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