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Friday, 12 November 2010 05:58
Let me tell you how I started dating Asian women. I never considered dating Asian girl until I went to one of the local clubs in our city and met one of them. This happened about one year ago just a month after I was dumped by my girlfriend. It was an ordinary Friday and as usually I called some of my buddies to see if anybody wants to go clubbing. Unfortunately all of them had something to do, one had to go on date with his girlfriend and another one was just playing WOW. I decided that I don’t really have anything to lose so I went by myself.

I came to the club at around 11 pm and got myself a drink. I looked through the club to see if there are any good looking girls there and this when I noticed two cute looking Asian girls standing alone on another part of a dance floor. I hesitated for while, even though it was not the first time I had to approach girls in a club, but finally I got enough courage to go and talk to them. I just came to those two girls touched one of those Asian girls on a shoulder and asked how come such a lovely ladies are standing all alone.  One of the girls said that they are not really party girls and they are not used to the grinding type of dancing which is so common in a clubs. I told them that I am not really a fun of grinding on a girl’s back myself, to make them feel more comfortable with me.  We talked for a while and then I asked them if they wanted to go on a dance floor and do some normal dancing. We danced for a while just holding our hands, though after 10 minutes I got tired of this dancing and decided it is time to see if those girls are really as shy as they told me. So I just put my hands on one of the girl’s waist and moved her closer to me.

I was afraid that other Asian girl will try to block my advances so I winked to the random guy who was dancing alone close to me and pointed to that Asian girl. As for myself I started to advance closer and closer to my girl. I moved my hands lower down her legs and started slightly squeezing her ass to make her feel horny.  After a while my Asian girl started to touch my neck so I thought it was an invite for the kiss so I just started making out with her. After around five minutes I asked her if she wants to go home with me because it was getting already late and to my surprise she agreed.  And let me tell you it was the best night of my life. After this time I started dating Asian women.

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