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Monday, 10 January 2011 05:55

Finding a perfect match in Canada especially for older people is hard because of the two reasons. First of all most seniors are not in a bar/club scene and therefore there are only few public places to meet someone who is over 40 besides your workplace. The second reason is that Canada is a very large country and therefore density of population is very low, which makes it almost impossible to meet other senior people for Canadians.

Fortunately we live in a highly tech-savvy society and that is why it is possible to meet other older people just by joining a good Canadian senior dating site. There plenty of dating websites however only few of them are dedicated to a more mature 35+ audiences. The one which some of my older friends are using is be2 - sign up herewhich is specifically targets Canadians. If you are 35+ old male you should definitely try it and I am sure you will have at least 1-2 dates a week depending on how great your dating profile will look.

Great dating profile has 3 components to it:

First one are your photos. Upload 3-5 photos of yourself which show that you are an interesting and active person. Make sure you photos are of great quality since it is the first thing people who visit your profile will see. If your photos are not that good there are less chances that your profile will be read.

Second one is your “about me” part. Make this part look interesting and don’t sound like all the other thousand guys. Talk about you hobbies and places you traveled to, or you can talk about your pet or anything besides work or football/hockey/beer.

Third component of a great profile is a good headline. Make it unique, short but at the same time try to grab reader’s attention with it.

If you follow those 3 rules you shouldn’t have any problems finding girlfriend or even wife, even if you are 60 years old and never had any success with women before.

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