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Monday, 10 January 2011 20:53


First of all ask yourself why you want to attract Asian women. Whether it is because you want to find an Asian girl to be your girlfriend or you just looking for someone to have a good time with, this article will open your eyes on how to meet and attract Asian women.  And let me tell you my current girlfriend is Asian and she is hundred times better at everything she does than all my previous girlfriends. How does it feel to have an Asian girlfriend? You go to sleep with her and you are getting turned on just by seeing her petite face and her sexy smile and I am not even going to start on how great her tight body feels  and then you are falling asleep with her, while she still moons quietly besides you on your bed...


I will start with the easiest way to meet and attract Asian women. What I am talking about are dating sites which specifically target Asian women.To start meeting Asian women there all you have to do is register, upload a couple of great photos of yourself and then of course you have to fill out “about me” part telling the world how great you are. After you registered you need to upload a couple of good photos. Like all other women, Asian girls like guys who are confident, independent and can act like a man. Photos you upload should be of excellent quality and should clearly show your face otherwise you will be like all other guys who are too lazy to create good photos. In “about me” part talk about your hobbies, unless it is something weird like playing Warcraft, though many Asian girls are into video gaming so I guess this part is up to you.  The last part is to create a unique message and email to the Asian women you like, don’t get disappointed if you don’t get reply right way because many Asian girls are very shy so take your time.



Other places to meet and attract Asian women are: bars, nightclubs, schools, colleges and even libraries. However those places require much more work and time.




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