How to be the guy every girl wants? Print
Tuesday, 27 December 2011 02:20
There are a few secrets that will allow you to be the guy every girl wants to be with. You don’t really need lots of money, fame or be extremely good looking to make girls crave to be with you. Here are the ten steps to be the guy every girl wants to be with:

1) Take care of your health – healthy people are usually good looking therefore it is very important to exercise, eat healthy and avoid excessive drinking and smoking.

2) Visit dentist – girls like guys with nice teeth and if you don’t have a bright white smile then it is a sign that you need to visit dentist to get your teeth fixed and whitened.

3) Take care of your face – the first thing girls pay attention to when they see a guy is to his face and therefore it is important to use a face wash instead of soap. In case you have acne, try to get a cleansing cream or try to see physician to get a professional help.

4) Get a nice clothes – clothing are important because nobody wants to date someone who doesn’t have style or wears old clothes with spots and holes.

5) Get education – girls are attracted to smart guys and if you spend the last few years working on the same job that doesn’t pay that good, then maybe it is a sign that you need to change something.

6) Start traveling – traveling will help you to learn more about the world and you will have something to talk about when you meet girls. Traveling will also make you look more adventurous and girls are attracted to adventurous and mysterious guys.

7) Learn how to interact with women – if you are afraid to approach a girl then the best way to get rid of this fear is by practicing as much as you can. The best places to practice approaching girls are bars and clubs because that is where girls go to meet guys and they are more relaxed there because of the drinks.

8) Try to be more social – to be social all you need to do is to look approachable around people and don’t be afraid to start conversation with stranger because you never know if that stranger might become a good friend.

9) Learn about topics girls like to talk about – read some books on love, feelings, fashion or even about celebrity gossips so that you can always keep the conversation going if the girl you are interested in start to talk about any of those topics.

10) Start acting NOW – reading the tips on how to become a guy every girl wants is obviously important but if you never act on those advices then they are pretty much useless.


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