How to not blush around girls? Print
Thursday, 19 January 2012 17:47
Almost every guy had a time when he blushed around a girl he really liked and was really embarrassed about it later. Before talking about how you can stop blushing around girls, let’s see if it is really a problem that needs a solution. First of all most guys only blush around the girls they really like and when the girl sees you blushing, she will instantaneously understand that you like her. Depending on the situation it might be a problem but in most cases the girl will just take it as a compliment. Unfortunately there are times when you blush around the girls you don’t really in love with or those girl are completely not interested in you and this might show you as a weak guy who can be easily intimidated by the girls. This usually happens when you don’t have much dating experience or when you are talking to extremely gorgeous girl.

The best way to stop blushing around girls is by getting used being around them and the best way to do so is to join some club or class that has more girls than guys. Joining a dance class is definitely one of the best ways to meet and interact closely with many girls. Another good exercise to stop blushing around girls is to watch a romantic movie and imagine that you are the main actor and try to put yourself into his skin. Imagine how you would react if this happened in real life and notice if you are still blushing.

It is possible to stop blushing around most girls but there are still will be some girls that will make you blush and those are usually the ones you are secretly in love with. To stop blushing around those girls the best way is to use visualization. This can be done by imagining interacting with those girls in various situations and this will help you to deal with blushing around them when you meet them in a real life situations. Another way to get even more a result is to imagine that instead of you some famous actor interacts with a girl and notice how he act and whether he blushes.

You can completely get rid of blushing if you try hard enough, but the thing that you need to remember is that a little blushing is not really a problem, because it just shows the girls that you are interested in them.

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