What to do when girl ignores you? Print
Friday, 20 January 2012 06:34


There are many absurd things in dating and ignoring the person you are interested in is one of them. Many girls ignore guy even though they are interested in him. There are thousands of explanations why girls will ignore a guy and if you try will try to understand it, you will probably go insane.  However all those ignores can be divided into two categories: she doesn’t like you or she is testing you.  Therefore the best thing to do when girl is ignoring you is to find out if she just doesn’t want you company. This can be done by watching how she acts when you around and if you see from her body language that she is not into you then the best thing you can do is to leave her alone.


However in most cases it is not that easy because when you are with a girl she might seem to be completely into you but then she suddenly starts ignoring you. Based on testing theory I talked before, girl will often test a guy to see if he is really in love with her or does he just want to sleep with her. Since the girl can’t get reliable answer just by asking the guy, she will test him and the best way to do so is to ignore him for a while and see how he reacts. This all happens on unconscious level and sadly most girls never notice that they are doing it and then they wonder why guy left them for someone else.

The best way to pass that test is to relax and just wait, because if you will start calling or texting her 10 times even though she is not answering, then you will just make her think that you are desperate. I know how it is hard to relax when someone you like ignores you, but if you don’t then they might leave you. To relax just do something you like, for example play sports, go to a concert or just hang out with your other friends. If the girl doesn’t call you back in three days then you might want to call her and tell her that you want to discuss what is going on between you two. If she still ignores you, wait a week and call her back telling her that you love her but you hate what she is doing and if she doesn’t stop, then you will have to find someone else. If even after that she ignores, then it is very possible that she is not interested in you and the best thing at this point is to try to find someone else and if she changes her mind later, she can always call you back. The main thing you should remember, if the girl ignores you is to be cool and don’t let your emotions take control over you, because you a man and if the girl doesn’t respect you by ignoring you, then you can always find someone else who will treat you right.


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