How to win a girl's heart? Print
Saturday, 21 January 2012 05:59

Winning girl’s heart is not easy, but it can be done especially if she is slightly interested in you. To win a girl’s heart, you will need to make her feel extremely special and show her that you are the only one who can do that. The first thing that you need to do is to find out as much information as possible about her hobbies and what kind of guy she is looking for. To do so you can either look over her profile on facebook or a much better idea is to ask her close friends if it is possible. After you found out what she likes and dreams about, it is time to show her that you have the same dreams like her.

To make girls feel special without being creepy you just need to find a time, when you are both alone and you should try to shift conversation to the topics she is interested in. For example, if she likes traveling, start talking about places you traveled and then ask if she traveled anywhere. After she talked for a while, ask her if she can tell you what her dream travel destination would be and just let her imagination go wild.  If you see that she is comfortable, ask her if she wants to go for a drink or grab a cup of coffee.  After you go to the coffee, just mention again about traveling and say something like  “I wish I could just forget about everything and just go to *****. I mean you know how nice it is to *****.” The point here is to try to make her imagine that she is going to that vacation with you, and as before let her imagination go wild about all the things you could be doing there.  If you do a good job, she will continue thinking about vacation and YOU after she goes later home.

After you made a girl feel special and dreamy, she will start question herself why she is thinking about you so much and that is the point when most girls fall in love. In this article I talked about traveling as an example, but in reality you can talk about anything else as long as a girl has some dreams associated with it. This can be anything from her future career to an actor she wants to date. If you can make a girl dream and believe in herself, she is already yours because very few guy can do that. Most guys talk about boring topics like school, work or partying and obviously very few girls get deeply exited by those topics and even fewer will think that you are special because you are not the first one who asked her about how exiting her job was today.

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