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Sunday, 05 February 2012 06:59

Second date is almost as important as the first date, and if you don’t know any good second date ideas then you should try to come up with something. Second date usually the sticking point for most relationships because if they girl agrees to go on a second date then it means that she likes you and at this point your goal is to try to make her even more attracted to you without breaking the rapport that you got on a first date. You also need to remember that at this point you need to show a girl that you are interested in her both physically and emotional because otherwise she might start treating you just as a friend and if this happens then it will be very hard for you to seduce her to be your girlfriend again.

Good places to go on a second date are bars, clubs, restaurants or you can even ask a girl to come over to your place, depending on how good was your first date. In my opinion the best routine for the second date is to go to a restaurant where you can get food and drinks. After that if you see that the girl is into you, then you can take her to a club. I like to go to clubs with a girl on a second date because it helps to decrease the time before you get a first kiss. Most girls will not mind dancing with you on the second date and if you are good she will probably allow you to kiss her as well. It is important to get a first kiss as soon as possible, because it will secure her attraction to you since most girls will only kiss the guy who they like and by allowing you to kiss her, she is hinting that she is attracted to you both physically and emotionally.  After the first kiss you can get more intimate with girl and after that it is easy to ask her to be your girlfriend.

Many guys struggle with getting a girlfriend because they are afraid to show their feeling and if you attracted to a girl don’t be afraid to show it. Obviously you need to use some common sense and you should try to avoid any sexual references because some girls will think that you just want to sleep with them and that is always a turn off.

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