How to gain confidence with women? Print
Monday, 06 February 2012 07:20

The number one step you can take to increase your confidence with women is to practice talking and interacting with women whenever you get a chance. There is no a magic pill that will increase your confidence with women, but by combining knowledge and practice you can become extremely confident with women and you will be able to approach and start conversation with any girl you want.  First of all let’s talk about what is holding you back from approaching women or having enough confidence to show a woman you like that you are interested in her. The funny thing about confidence is that I bet you, that even you have no idea why you can’t approach any woman at any time. Of course you might say that you are afraid of being rejected, but what is so bad about getting rejection? Getting rejection is absolutely harmless and it is not a big deal unless you make it sound like one. What if you approach ten girls and the first nine will reject you, but the last one becomes your girlfriend? Can you say that all your approaches didn’t worth anything? NO. One thing that you should remember if you want to be to be happy and at the same time always have a girlfriend is that you don’t need to win every single time to win the whole dating game.

As I mentioned before, the only way to get more confidence with women is to practice a lot and by practice I don’t mean you need to spend hours on a street approaching girls. You can practice while you go shopping, eating launch or walking home. I already explained that the number one killer of confidence is the fear of rejection but as I mentioned you don’t have to succeed all the time to get a girlfriend. Just imagine that dating is like a game where you have unlimited number of trials. Why should you worry about failing once if you have unlimited number of trials left? Treating dating as a game will help you to be more confident because you never really lose, but you win as soon as one girl agrees to be your girlfriend.

The second thing that stops many guys from approaching girls is the fear that other people will think something negative about them. Ok, this fear does have some valid base but does it really matter if a few guys in the bar will think that you are loser because you got rejected a couple of times? However those guys will immediately change their opinion about you, after you will be walking from the bar with a girl so beautiful that you were only one who was confident enough to approach her.

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