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Saturday, 25 February 2012 23:32

Approaching a girl you like in a club is not hard even though for some guys it might sound as an impossible task. If you are afraid to approach girls in a club then you shouldn’t be very depressed about it because very few guys are able to approach any girl in a club without feeling at least some hesitation. However clubs are always full of beautiful women and it would be very cool to have an ability to meet and attract those girls. Anyways let’s talk why most guys fail in approaching and meeting girls in a club.

First of all let’s see what a guy who fails with meeting girls in club does. He comes to the club with one or more friends and sits in a corner (acts as a wallflower) or stands at the dance floor staring at girls without approaching any of them.  Later after he gets drunk with his friends he starts to dance and even tries to approach some girls but usually gets rejected. So where he made the mistake that keeps this guy from successfully approaching girls on in a club? His first mistake is relying on alcohol to get enough courage to approach girls in a club and the second mistake is going to the club with a bunch of guys. Some girls do approach guys, especially if you are good looking, but if you are standing with three of your buddies, even those girls will feel insecure approaching you because if they get rejected all of your friends will see it and the last thing any girl wants to happen is to be rejected in front of a bunch of guys. I actually know a couple of people who go to clubs alone, including me and I get approached two-three times every night, but when I go with friend this almost never happens.

Now let’s talk about girls who go to clubs and what they are looking for. From my experience 50% of the girls who go clubbing are willing to meet and dance with guys, other 20% will dance with a guy if they get drunk or you have a very smooth approach and the last 30% are not looking to meet anyone and they will reject any guy who tries to dance or even talk to them. That is why you will get rejected by every second or third girl if you approach random girls without paying attention to their body language. During the night the ratios I describe change significantly because the number of girls who are interested to meet guy decreases since most of them already found someone by that time.  That is why approaching girls after 1 a.m. will almost always fail because all the single available girls left are those 30% that will reject any guy who tries to approach them.

That is why if you want to be successful in approaching girls in a club, you need to avoid drinking, go to clubs with no more than one of your friends and start approaching girls as soon as their started dancing.

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