How to approach a girl at school? Print
Sunday, 26 February 2012 05:37

Let’s talk about how to approach a girl at school without getting rejected or without getting to much negative attention from your friends. Approaching a girl in school is very different than approaching a girl in a club or bar because in school you will meet the girl more than a dozen times after you approach, while in bar you will probably never meet a girl again. Therefore it is very important to try to avoid rejections at all costs possible especially if the girl is in your class. One approach that works the best in school is indirect approach where you just try to get to know a girl without showing her that you are hitting on her.

There are a few components of indirect approach: approaching, engaging her in conversation and leaving. You can approach any girl in school just by complimenting her on something she is wearing or asking her opinion on something. If the girl you are approaching is in your class, you can always ask to borrow notes or you can even ask about how she solved an assignment problem. What you say during approach doesn’t really matter, what is more important is how you engage a girl into conversation. To keep conversation flowing, you can tell her some funny story related to school or any other neutral subject she is familiar with. Most girl in school are friendly and if they see that you are nice friendly guy they will do all the job for you and you don’t even have to come up with topics to talk about, unless the girl is very shy. After you know that you have to leave, you have two choices: just saying bye and going or getting her number or Facebook. In my opinion if you met a girl in class, then you should just say bye and leave because you will be seeing this girl almost every day and you can get a number from her later, when she gets more used to you. However if you met a girl in school but she is not in your class and you will rarely have a chance to see her, then you should get her number or Facebook (it is almost impossible to get rejected by asking for girls Facebook).

The number one reason why guys are afraid to approach girls in school is the lack of confidence. The sad part to this is that you are not really losing anything by approaching and starting a conversation with a girl. Even if she has a boyfriend or she is not interested in you, she might still become your good friend. It is important to have friends who are girls because they can always set you up with single girls they know.

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