How to talk to girls in class? Print
Tuesday, 28 February 2012 06:59

You just came to your first class in college and suddenly you notice that on you left sits the most beautiful girl you ever saw, but you have no idea how to talk or even start a conversation with that girl. Almost every guy been in this situation and yes it might be very hard to start talking to a beautiful girl you just met. The irony here is that in most cases that girl also wants to talk to you and she is also extremely scared to start a conversation and if you are not going to initiate the conversation then you will probably feel really bad about missing such an opportunity. Yes we are in a 21 first century but guys are still the ones who are expected to do all the first steps.

Anyways let’s talk about how you can talk to girls in your class without looking creepy. In most cases girls call guy creepy if he lacks confidence and that is why having confidence is the must, if you want to be able to talk to any girl in your class. Unfortunately the only way you can get confidence is by practicing talking to girls and therefore it is kind of a vicious circle, and that is why many guys are never successful with women.  However if you are willing to face some rejection, then you can easily learn how to become confident while talking to girls in your class. The best places to practice are outside of you college, because you want to go somewhere where you can meet girls whom you will never see again just to practice your approaching skills. One of those places is shopping mall, and yes approaching a girl for the first time in a shopping mall is scary but after you approach a few girls it will become much easier.

After your become quite confident in approaching girls in a mall, you can start approaching girls in your class. Starting talking to a girl in your class is actually extremely easy and all you have to do is to ask a girl you want to talk to about assignment, quiz or just ask if you can borrow her notes. Most girls in college are very friendly and will be more than happy to help you and in the process of helping you they will become more comfortable and after that you can easily start a casual conversation with those girls.

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